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ANDARI - ANatoliy Radev and DARIa Vasileva 

The creative team ANDARI are visual researchers of inner experiences in spatial environments. Artists, cultural operators and curators of visual art. They are based in Varna and Sofia, Bulgaria.

Anatoliy Radev graduated from the Technical University of Varna - engineer Radio communications and video technologies. He has specialized in the study of communication technologies, PR, advertising and visual communication. Producer and owner of the music album "ABRITVS", 1997 of the rock band ABRITVS. Daria Vasileva holds a Master's degree in Photography Arts at New Bulgarian University, Sofia. 

They are founders of Center for visual culture “ArtExtreme”, eponymous exhibition and School of visual art “ArtExtreme Concept”. Founders of the section for photographers, video operators and free journalists at BUJ “Podkrepa” – member of the International Federation of Journalists in Brussels. Members of the International Academy of Bulgarian Studies, Innovation and Culture (MABIK) and the United Business Clubs Association. Founders and organisers of "BULGARIAN HISTORICAL READINGS". 

Products and services with the trademark “ArtExtreme”:

Methodology with practical activities "ArtExtreme PROJECTOR", "ArtExtreme SPACE" for development of internal talent and personal skills – to create, develop and implement content into visual forms.

School of visual art “ArtExtreme Concept” – multi-genre unformal education and good practices, developing the creative potential through lectures, practical workshops, exhibitions and public talks. Strong community of artistic people.

Multi-genre exhibition “ArtExtreme” – experiences in spatial environments, shown in visual form.


ANDARI`s artworks in Saatchi Gallery

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ANDARI with the Center for visual culture "ArtExtreme" create a motivated approach to the everyday life and a decision of its related challenges, restore the inner harmony and help to complete the self-expression of the individual through the modern means of communication. The visual expressive means of the platform "ArtExtreme", based on innovation and new technologies, enrich and develop the creative potential. These create and build real emotional and interactive forms of expression and communication, generating interest and striving for improvement. 


ANDARI like to work in a spirit of cooperation and support public campaigns which contribute to the development and enrichment of the cultural heritage of Bulgaria and make known the achievements of the Bulgarian civilization in the world culture. 

In 2007 ANDARI create ANDARI photography and communications for new personal and corporate visual forms of communication unifying the vision of conceptual photography, graphic design, text and internet, moreover new systems of information transmission. 

As photojournalists ANDARI have worked with leading media agencies have numerous publications, photo shoots and own rubrics in the Bulgarian magazines Horse riding, Bride, OFF-road BG, Sea World etc. Their works were displayed in photo competitions and exhibitions. They coordinate the Auto Sports Club "Formula Buggy" team in Bulgaria and reverberate to its participation in the Republican Championship of BFAS.

ANDARI have participated in the specialized training Festival of the advertiser – Admall 2008 in Sofia with world famous lectors in the field of creative, graphic design and visual arts. They have participated in the Kosta Atanasov’s project Fire Inside and his world tour with his bike Kawasaki Drifter. 

In 2008 ANDARI create the brand ArtExtreme that embodies the concept of various forms, products and services with the same name. This is the launch of the Center for visual culture ArtExtreme together with the eponymous exhibition which since 2008 promotes the stars of the world ballet in new spatial environments. In 2010 with the opening of Varna Towers building in Varna, Bulgaria, is the first display of ANDARI`s exhibition ArtExtreme 2010. In July 2011 the same exhibition was invited to participate in the Month of Photography in Sofia. The editions of ArtExtreme 2008, 2010 and 2012 are created with the participation of the laureates of the International Ballet Competition - Varna (that competition is the oldest in the world, and it's been called the Olympics of ballet). 

In June 2012 as organizers of the Month of Photography in Varna, ANDARI create and take part in the collective exhibition The spirit of Varna. Until 2015 they are co-organizers of the traditional National Historic Conference - Bulgaria in world history and civilizations - spirit and culture. On their initiative the exhibition of the Ethnographic Museum - BAS “Bulgarians in Bessarabia. 200 years of emigration” after its premiere in Sofia for the first time was exported and exposed outside the museum - at Mall Varna in November 2012.

Since February 2013 for the first time in Varna, Bulgaria they established a conceptual school of art ArtExtreme, which is a fusion of environment, creativity and skills, combined with new technologies and possibilities for self-expression. It is part of the creative platform ArtExtreme and environment for artists working with photo conceptual and other visual means. The participants will be prepared to participate in national and international projects of contemporary visual art.

In April 2013 during the International Francophone school theater festival in Varna, ANDARI launched their new social creative project PROJECTOR which involves wide audience of different social groups. Everyone has the opportunity to express and define themselves through text, character, cartoon, thus creating an inner connection with their individuality. 

Since 2014 they organize "BULGARIAN HISTORICAL TALKS" in Sofia every year in May.

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ANDARI photography and communications
Mobile: +359 884 561081; +359  885 511830


We are based in Varna and Sofia, Bulgaria
e-mail: andaribg@gmail.com